Thursday, July 30, 2009

Havasupi 2009

Ryan and Kyle had a great opportunity with their Boy Scout Troop to visit Havasupi Reservation that is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. When we moved into our ward a year ago, the scout leaders were already preparing for the trip. All the YM were required to go on 4 10-mile hikes throughout the year to prepare for the long hike down the canyon. We were really afraid for Kyle. His scout leaders assured us that he did great on the pre-hikes, so off we sent them. There was alot of preparation for this trip; hikes, ordering food, golf tournament (the fundraiser for the trip), gear checks, etc. They came home very exhausted but had a great time. I will be forever grateful to the scout leaders who put so much time and energy into the program for the YM.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Weston's and The Baker's

The month of July has been so much fun for us. First the Kimura's came to visit and then a few weeks later the Weston's came to town. We were able to spend time with them and the Baker's who now live in Carlsbad. For some reason I don't have a family picture of the Baker's. Sorry Jill. I am pretty sure that Ryan and Kyle would give an arm to live back in Indiana. They miss their best friends Scott and Jake. Some how Sophi convinced me to sign up for the TV show "Wipeout". Here are some pictures highlighting our week. These 2 families are filled with amazing people and we are so grateful that they are part of our lives!

Me and the Boys. This was taken at the San Diego Temple. Love this place. One day I hope to have a family picture where we all look at the camera together and smile and Terry is with us. Until then, this is my little family!!

Tanner Baker and Kyle

Scott, Sophi, Chloe and Ryan

Awesome friends - LaDawn and Jill!

Joshua chilling at Oceanside!

Leanne and Sophi - friends forever!!

Kyle, Jake, Josh and Jason in a tree on the grounds of the Los Angeles Temple.

Chloe, Ryan, Sophi and Scott in La Jolla.


The Weston Family: Rance, LaDawn, Chloe, Scott, Sophi, Jake, and Olivia

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Kimura Family

We just spent 4 wonderful days with our friends the Kimuras. Here is a list of some of favorite things about their family.

1. Laurie is an awesome cook. One of the first things that Joshua asked Laurie when she got here was if they could make cookies together like they did in Indiana. My kids were fed well and are sad that she is gone.

2. Everyone has a fun time. Whenever we are together, there is never a dull moment. Funny moment over the weekend: Micah and his contagious laugh after he found out that Ryan has a hair stylist named Vince. Thanks Ryan for being such a good sport. So happy that you are ok with your manhood!

3. We haven't seen each other in over a year and it felt like it was just the previous weekend we were all together. We are more than friends, we are family!

This was a 4 day vacation with great food but even better company!!!
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